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To provide a safe environment for Francophone women in all their diversity, with or without children, facing domestic and family violence, in order to support them in regaining their autonomy. La Maison also engages in social strategies aimed at reducing the vulnerability of women and advocating for their rights.

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Feminism is a tool for social transformation aimed at achieving women's autonomy and freedom.


La Maison welcomes and respects everyone in all their diversity, without discrimination.

Social justice

La Maison strives to eliminate social injustice and ensure women’s right to equality.


La Maison creates an environment of comfort, security and well-being for everyone, from customers to staff, volunteers and board members.

Inclusion and equity

La Maison is dedicated to fostering an environment that embraces and celebrates diversity, while actively addressing obstacles and barriers to civic participation.

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À propos
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Vidéo promo La Maison

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