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Become a volunteer

Getting involved as a volunteer means making a real impact on public well-being, and it’s also a source of personal fulfillment!

Devenir bénévole

Individual volunteering  

La Maison is always happy to welcome French-speaking, bilingual and Francophile women who want to get involved in defending women’s rights against violence (in all its forms) and in developing French-language services to best serve the Francophone community.


Volunteer involvement calls for autonomy, adaptability, solidarity, initiative and determination.

Corporate volunteering

As a corporate partner, you can involve your staff in a day of volunteering at La Maison. Gather teams of 5 to 10 employees to strengthen team cohesion and morale by helping to improve, support and maintain the accommodation areas.


La Maison encourages corporate philanthropy in the form of donations of skills from company employees to support accommodation initiatives. During his or her volunteer missions, the donor offers his or her expertise and professional skills in the service of La Maison and its residents.


Examples of skills donations sought by La Maison :

Pro bono lawyer: giving a few hours of pro bono consultation to La Maison residents

Doctor or nurse: volunteer to give a few hours of consultation to La Maison residents and children

Language tutor: help residents develop their knowledge of English and its use in everyday life


The contribution of interns to the work and daily life of La Maison is very important and enriching for both parties. This experience helps interns to build a richer educational background through field experience, to specialize in the field of violence, and to better sensitize the community to the issue of domestic violence and its impact on children and families.


La Maison accepts a limited number of trainees per year.

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