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About us


Let’s protect our residents and users


At La Maison, we consider confidentiality as a cornerstone of our mission. It ensures the trust of our residents and users, encouraging them to confide in us and accept our assistance with peace of mind.


The Francophone community in the Greater Toronto Area is a social fabric where we share spaces, services, and events. This proximity, while friendly, can at times expose our beneficiaries to risks of stigmatization and traceability.

What are the possible consequences of a breach of confidentiality?

The Endangerment

Imagine for a moment that, during a conversation or event, you disclose one of our addresses. At that moment, you may have just enabled an abuser to locate a resident and/or user, putting her, her family, and the organization’s staff in danger. What we risk: vandalism, break-ins, harassment, threats, intimidation, assaults, femicide.



You feel the need to discuss the situation of a resident and/or user, and without ill intentions, you share information. What you may not know is that within the group, there might be someone who knows this woman and will promptly spread her initially confidential situation within her circle. What we risk: marginalization, vulnerability, disruption of social ties, integration difficulties, isolation, persecution complex.



In a group, outside of La Maison, you confide in the situation of a resident and/or user you are acquainted with. Unfortunately, a former user or resident, a person affiliated with one of our partner organizations, or a prospective user is present and reports your indiscretion within her network. What we risk: the breakdown of trust, a tarnished reputation, the loss of potential users, discouraging a woman from seeking help or resources, unprofessional conduct.


Therefore, we kindly urge you to respect the confidentiality of all information related to La Maison. Your commitment to confidentiality helps maintain a safe and welcoming environment for the women and children we support. Together, we can preserve La Maison as a trusted refuge for those in need.

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