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You don't speak French but you want to help?

We welcome your help. La Maison is a registered charity located in the city of Toronto. La Maison is a shelter for Francophone women and children victims of domestic violence. You do not need to speak French to help us. There are many ways to contribute: as a volunteer, you can make our organization known in your own linguistic community; you can participate in larger community efforts to raise awareness about how to identify, reduce and eliminate domestic violence; you can help us raise funds among other people like you who are interested in the Francophone community and you can also make a donation. For more information about our organization and how to get involved, please contact us at: 647 777-6419


Our mandate

To provide a safe environment for Francophone women in all their diversity, with or without children, struggling with conjugal and family violence in order to support them in the recovery of their autonomy. La Maison is also involved in social strategies aimed at reducing the vulnerability of women and asserting their rights.


Our mission

To offer a wide range of quality services and programs to the women and children victims of domestic violence, and to be recognized by all the community and stakeholders as an organization that makes a difference in the lives of women.


Our values

  • Feminism – Our tool for social transformation for the autonomy and freedom of women.

  • Respect – Welcoming and respecting the person in all its diversity, without discrimination.

  • Excellence – Superior quality programs and services offered according to criteria of accountability, transparency and efficiency.

  • Harmony – The right to live and work in a safe, serene and welcoming environment.


Our Services (free and in French)

Shelter and support, accompaniment, program of individual and collective activities and community connections.

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I dont' speak French, but i want to help 

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